Tips on Safely Handling Ethanol-Free Fuel for Small Engines

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Designed with safety as a top priority, our premixed fuel is packaged in specially engineered metal cans with a closure system that offers a secure seal, childproof cap and an easy-to-pour self-venting system. This design enables the can to meet NFPA and BIC requirements for class 1A and 1B flammable product storage.

Steps for Safely Handling Fuel for Small Engines

TruFuel contains gasoline, so it’s important to use extra care when handling.

To Open:

  • Grasp can firmly.
  • Depress the safety tab.
  • Twist tab past the locking mechanism and unscrew.
  • It is recommended to use a small funnel when pouring TruFuel premix fuel. Keep a clean rag handy to wipe up any spilled liquid.

To Close:

  • Screw cap down tightly ‐ make sure cap turns past the childproof locking clip.

How to Store TruFuel Premix Fuel

TruFuel should always be stored in a cool, well-ventilated area. Even though the can features a childproof cap, it’s best to store TruFuel out of the reach of children. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike gas station gas, TruFuel stays fresh for 2-years after opening and more than 5 years unopened.

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