Premixed 40:1 Fuel for 2-Cycle Engines

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TruFuel premixed 40:1 fuel
Is precision-engineered with proprietary lubricants and advanced stabilizers to provide maximum protection to your 2-cycle engines. Unlike gas station gas, our premixed 2-stroke fuel is ethanol-free and formulated for hotter running, higher revving small engines. That means your outdoor power equipment will run smoother and stronger with fewer false starts. Don't take chances. For premium performance, fill up on TruFuel.

TruFuel®Engineered for Superior Performance

40:1 MIX



TruFuel premixed 40:1

  • Ready to use Premixed Fuel & Oil
  • 92+ Octane Engineered Fuel
  • Free from Harmful Ethanol
  • Gum- & Varnish-Free
  • Butane‐Free
  • Benzene‐Free
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Consistent Formula throughout the year
  • Aromatics Balanced
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Fuel Stabilizer
  • Easy-Pour Container
  • Maximum Power & Responsiveness
  • Keeps Carburetors Clean

TruFuel 40:1 blend is premixed 2-stroke fuel specifically designed to power equipment made by these name-brand manufacturers, included but not limited to:

• Bolens • Craftsman • McCulloch • Poulan • Troy-Bilt • Yard Machines • Weedeaters

Stop mixing and start working, with fuel that's actually engineered for your gear.

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